5 Truths about why your website conversion rates are low

5 Truths about why your website conversion  rates are low

The proportion of users who perform the intended action on your website is known as the conversion rate. The proportion of website visitors who make a purchase there serves as the prototypical illustration of the conversion rate.

One of the biggest ROI justifications for improved user experience and thorough user research is increased conversion.  If you’re wondering “why is no one buying from my website?”, chances are your Conversion Rate Optimization strategy is lacking.

For many business owners, the high traffic-low conversion dynamic comes as a surprise. After all, the potential customers are there; but what percentage of website visitors buy? A good web development agency will make sure that as many of them as possible!

Our CRO agency in Sydney, Wiqly, is determined to help you unravel the mysteries of your website not converting.

People are lazy. They don’t want to bother filling out a form or clicking a button. They’d rather just go to Google and find what they’re looking for.

5 Truths you need to hear about your website not converting

What percentage of website visitors buy? The percentage you manage to convince to do so through your optimization strategies. Once you realize these 5 important truths, long gone will be the days when you wonder, “why is no one buying from my website?

1. Just because someone doesn’t convert right away, doesn’t mean they never will

There’s definitely a sense of urgency when you own a business to convert website visitors as soon as possible. After all, reaching a certain average website conversion rate is proof of a successful CRO strategy, and implicitly higher sales.

However, don’t get ahead of yourself – just because someone browses your website for a while without making a purchase right away, does not mean they never will. If you know how to turn website traffic into sales successfully, then your next best asset is a bit of patience. Keep an eye on the conversion metrics, see what works and what doesn’t, and be prepared for the fact that some of your potential clients will not convert right away.

2. Conversion is a process, not an event

If you want to avoid traffic but no conversion, you need to be prepared to go on the entire Conversion Rate Optimization process. You need to be ready to ask all the right, albeit difficult, questions – why is my landing page not converting? What are the best places to make a website? You ensured you opted for one of the best places to make a website, now it’s time to maintain it as well!

It’s almost inevitable, at the start of the journey, to avoid the most daunting question: why isn’t my website converting? Before you learn everything there is to know about your audience, there can be a lot of trials and failures. Your average conversion rate will change, as your analysis becomes more in-depth

What attracts the attention of your target audience? What are their interests and their pain points? And even when you do figure this out and your site search conversion rate begins to grow, your job is not over. It’s time to keep a close eye on Google Analytics, collect conversion data, and be prepared to make changes along the way, as your audience evolves

3. You need to give people time to decide

Making a purchase is, for many of us, an important decision. While signing up to a newsletter or downloading an e-book may be an easier choice to make, many will weigh their options carefully before actually making a purchase. So, “why is no one buying from my website?”

If you want to convert website visitors, it’s essential to give them their necessary time to decide. Moreover, being bombarded with Call-to-Action and pop-ups and any other strategies you may opt for right from the moment they enter your website can be annoying for the customers, and therefore put them off. As a result, you will have traffic but no conversions.

Employing the help of a web development agency, such as Wiqly, our CRO agency in Sydney, will help you decide on the best strategy for your target audience, so you will never have to wonder “why is my landing page not converting?” or “why isn’t my website converting?” ever again.

4. People usually won’t act unless they feel some emotion

Websites with a greater emotional resonance generated a bigger intent to purchase, according to research. If the website not converting is one of your issues, and you can’t quite pinpoint why there is traffic but no conversion, chances are you need to connect better emotionally with your visitors.

A certain relationship is made by connecting to your audience’s emotions. Whether you’re creating sales pages or marketing content, your team must strive to incorporate emotion into your language. When you speak to your potential customer’s hearts, you never have to wonder, “why is my landing page not converting?”.

Realistic content that speaks the language of the consumer is produced through emotional targeting. People are moved by these captivating tales, which encourage them to buy your goods – and your site search conversion rate has everything to gain from this.

5. You need to be persistent with your offers

There is an art to being persistent when it comes to offers, without becoming obnoxious. If you’re still wondering “why isn’t my website converting?”, then making sure visitors are exposed to your offers/CTAs more than once is something you should look into.

One of the most important rules, when it comes down to how to turn website traffic into sales, is that very few people will be prompted to convert from the first exposure. You will get closer to your conversion goal when you learn how to encourage visitors to take the desired action at the right times – or, better yet, if you allow professionals to take care of that for you. Our CRO agency in Sydney, Wiqly, is a perfect example of a web development agency that can help.

If you want to convert website visitors, don’t shy away from showcasing your offer as many times as it is necessary for as many people as possible to convert. Once you master persistence, high traffic-low conversion will be a thing of the past – what percentage of website visitors buy is entirely up to you.

Bonus tip: Hire a CRO agency!

Wondering how to turn website traffic into sales? Leaving your site search conversion rate in the hands of professionals is the best course of action. A good web development agency is one of the best places to make a website transform from a “museum” to a store.

With Wiqly, our CRO agency in Sydney, you will never have to worry about high traffic-low conversion ever again. Book your FREE strategy session, and let’s raise your website conversion rates higher than ever before!

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