7 Questions to ask yourself before launching a website for your start-up

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Website For Your Start-Up

Launching a website for your start-up can be stressful, so we decided to make the process a bit easier for you. We have prepared a list of questions you should ask yourself before getting started!

No business can fully function these days without a website, which is why defining actionable website goals is crucial for long-term success. According to 92% of business owners, a website is the best digital marketing tactic. But what do you need to start a website?

When you build a new website, it’s important to keep in mind a few important aspects – do you have a proper content management system in place? Is it going to be favoured by search engines? What purpose will it serve?

All the questions to ask when building a website are crucial when you plan on owning your own business. If you’ve been thinking “I could really use some help to start my own business”, Wiqly, our CRO optimization agency in Sydney, is here to help you plan the perfect new website launch for your start-up

What is the purpose of my website?

First and foremost, before building anything, it’s important to ask yourself what you are building it for. I need help to start my own business – but, first of all, what do I want my business to represent?

Owning your own business is about having a purpose and serving it through your products and services. Your website is how you connect with your customers, so choose wisely what you will use it for. Is it an online store? Perhaps it is just a way to advertise a physical store? A general purpose for all businesses with a website is to boost website conversions. That means that your website visitors should turn into customers, or at least reach out to your start-up looking to learn more.

Circling back to “I could really use some help to start my own business”, opting for the help of a web development agency to teach you how to optimize your site is a smart step if you want your new site to serve its purpose successfully and direct your start-up toward certain success.

Who do I want my target audience to be?

Who are the people your start-up wishes to address? This is one of the most important questions to ask when building a website. Any good web development agency will be aware that launching a business website is useless if it is not built especially for the audience it needs to reach.

If your website is directed toward an older audience, perhaps retirees, it needs to be simple to navigate. Think about your grandma trying to surf a website – it’s a hard enough task for her already, no need to overly complicate it with web design.

The same goes for any other group of people: pay attention to their particularities and preferences, and ensure your website designer does a good job at serving them when creating your website.

How often will I be updating my website’s content?

Do you plan on updating your website daily? Weekly? Maybe monthly?

There are numerous types and levels of website updates. Based on your ambitions or needs, improving your website could mean something as short as optimizing some of your older blog posts for particular keywords, or it could be as sophisticated as a complete overhaul.

The simplest response to how frequently to update your website is: whenever it needs to be updated. A complete website redesign might happen every two to three years, whereas minor website upgrades might happen every day. You’re off to a terrific start if you don’t answer “never” to this question.

As for content uploads, such as a new blog post, that depends on what your search engine optimization strategy demands. Once you have an existing site, play around a bit and check with Google Analytics to see what kind of content drives clicks, and how often it needs to be posted.

What design style do I want for my website?

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This is a question that Wiqly, our CRO optimization agency in Sydney, could help you out tremendously with. Any new site has to settle on a certain design, which depends on many of the questions mentioned before.

If you’re thinking “I need help starting my own business”, then taking it step by step when it comes to your website is going to ease the process considerably. After deciding on the purpose, the content, and the audience, it’s time to focus on visuals.

A site launch relies just as heavily on content as it does on design. Web design is an important part of the user experience. We’ve all at some point left a website that may have held valuable information or products for us because the design just felt outdated, or not trustworthy enough.

So, what do you need to start a website? A well-put-together design plan that successfully serves the target audience does justice to your start-up’s purpose and incorporates valuable content that can help boost website conversions.

Have I researched existing successful websites?

It’s important when owning your own business to keep an eye out for what others have done successfully before you. One of the questions to ask when building a website is “how did others do it, and how does it provide me help to start my own business?”

What do you need to start a website that others already have? How do big companies and successful start-ups better their user experience, what design did they opt for, and what functionalities stand out on their own websites? How does what they already know to help me learn how to start my own business? These are all important questions to ask when building a website.

Do I have the time and resources to create and maintain a website on my own?

Owning your own business is all about knowing when to delegate some responsibilities in order to ensure that everything is done right. Given how influential a website is for your start-up, hiring a web development agency can help you tremendously in your journey.

Experts can oversee that everything from the design to UX and content is up to the highest industry standards. While you focus on other imperative duties of owning your own business, web developers are making sure your site is up and running, and always up to date.

What is the budget for my start-up website?

7 Questions to ask yourself before launching a website for your start-up

The questions to ask when building a website are very similar to the questions that would come up if I were to reach out for help to start my own business. Just like you need a set budget for your start-up, you also need one for your website.

There are a lot of different website elements to consider when working out your budget – what do you need to start a website? Web design, web hosting, web maintenance. And when that is all done, you need to think about optimising your website constantly by investing in marketing and content management.

These costs can add up if you are planning on handling all the steps in-house. However, with the help of an established CRO and web development company, you can lower your costs and your stress while also ensuring you get the best results.

Bonus tip:

If you want your website to be successful, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to optimize it for conversion. That’s where CRO comes in. CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, and it’s the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to your site who take the desired action. This could be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a contact form. CRO is essential because it helps you to get more value out of the traffic you’re already getting. By optimizing your site for conversion, you can make sure that you’re making the most of every visitor.

By doing CRO, you’re not only improving your website, but you’re also staying ahead of the competition. Now is the time to start. You won’t regret it.

Build the best start-up website with wiqly

Wiqly, our CRO optimization agency in Sydney, understands perfectly why defining actionable website goals is crucial for long-term success. What do you need to start a website, optimize and maintain it? We have the answers, and much more!

So, ask yourself these seven questions before launching a website for your startup and avoid making the mistakes that can so easily be avoided. A failure to act now could result in costly issues down the line that you may never recover from. Don’t risk it. At WIQLY, we offer FREE strategy sessions to help get your start-up off on the right foot. Book a session with us today and let’s get started.

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