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Is your website losing sales? A strategic revamp can help you engage & boost sales.

Is your website failing to capture the attention of your visitors? It’s time to take action! A strategic revamp can make all the difference, helping you to engage with your audience and ultimately boost sales.

Revamp your website and transform your sales: Our expert service is here to help!

Revamp your website with our expert service to drive more engagement & sales. Our team will work with you to redesign an engaging website that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Don’t let your website hold you back any longer – let us help you transform your sales and take your business to the next level!

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Revamp for Results: Our proven 4-step website process

Step 1


First, assess the current website by reviewing analytics, conducting a UX audit, and analysing design and content.

Step 2


After identifying improvement areas, plan the redesign by setting goals, project scope, budget, timeline, and content strategy.

Step 3

Design and development

Designing and coding the website with user-friendly, responsive design, forms, shopping carts, and content management system.

Step 4

Launch and optimisation

Launch the redesigned website, monitor metrics, collect feedback, and continuously improve based on data analysis and user insights.

Stop losing sales: Revamp your website & see the results you’ve been missing!

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Revamp & refresh: Strategic website revamp offerings

User-centric design

Focusing on improving the user experience by creating intuitive navigation, clear calls-to-action, and user-friendly interfaces.

Responsive website

Ensure your website looks and functions seamlessly across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Performance optimisation

Enhancing website speed and loading times, ensuring quick and efficient user experiences, and reducing bounce rates.

Content optimisation

Optimize your website content, including text, images, and videos, to enhance engagement, readability, and search engine visibility.


Implementing a user-friendly CMS like WordPress enables easy content updates and management without technical expertise.


Website optimisation, Data insights, support, rock-solid security, and a much more to supercharge your website to deliver the desired results.

We’re really pleased with the work that Wiqly has done. They absorbed enormous amounts of information about our business and modernised our website to optimize for conversions with AI. As a result we increased our number of clients!
Larrin Devereaux, Marketing HeadLear Capital | LA, California
Working with Wiqly has been a rewarding experience for our business. We have seen the quality of our website increase, and as a result it is converting more leads than ever before. Thank you Wiqly!
Deep WaliaCEO | Digi Cool | UK
Wiqly’s standardized portal templates helped us streamline our processes and provide clients with a variety of options on how they display & promote their memberships to the fans. These improvements have provided significant gains in delivery timelines, allowing for more efficient servicing from the get-go!
Alan WebsterHead of Membership | Ticketek | Sydney
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